Custom Research and Marketing Services

 Connecting Business Strategy to Marketing and Sales

Delivering data-driven, actionable insights about the market, the customer, and the competition

Creating content that engages and convinces

Focusing on technical products, such as enterprise software, cybersecurity, electronic payments, cloud, infrastructure, SaaS

Learn When, Where and Why You Win or Lose

Improve sales productivity by better qualifying opportunities

Identify and replicate best sales strategies and practices

Create content that validates your value proposition

Identify and magnify your success stories

Accelerate the sales cycle with the right information, strategically delivered 

More effectively position your products versus the competition

Understand your customers’ worldview

Gain insights into customer perceptions of you and your competition

Keep abreast of your customers’ challenges and priorities

Identify and control your risks and capitalize on opportunities

Brillianta’s technology and expertise can help you enhance your customer satisfaction and loyalty

Brillianta delivers quick, actionable information that answers your questions, engages your customers, and increases your sales.

Our clients have achieved one or more of the following:

More References

Shorter Sales Cycles

Higher Win Rates

Larger Deal Sizes

Higher Quality and Quantity of Leads

Higher Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Better efficiency and ROI


Uncanny ability to bridge the technical, creative and people aspects of any project, drawinig the best out of others.
— Richard French, Vice President, Oracle Corporation

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Outstanding written and verbal communication skills and strategic thinking.
— Scott Kliger, CEO, TouchPlan
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