Thanks to New Heights Research for being a loyal client!

I received my fiftieth- wow! - statement of work from New Heights Research, one of my long-term clients.  This means my 50th market research and strategy project with them.

New Heights Research (NHR) provides custom business research that enables clients to improve decision-making and achieve critical business objectives. They offer a range of business intelligence, proprietary research, and consulting solutions to investment and corporate clients throughout the country. I help them with over-the-phone interviews.

I looked through my files, and my Master Consulting Agreement with New Heights Research is dated September 25, 2007, which is when I did my first project with them.  At the time, NHR was just Sandy McMillan and Bert Smyers with no support staff, doing work mostly themselves with a couple of outside consultants, like me. Today, they have a dozen people at NHR and even more consultants. I no longer remember what the first project was all about. But I remember that I worked with Sandy on it. My second project was with Bert. And I've been working closely with both of them and now with Matt Libbey and their growing staff. It's been a fun ride and a great learning experience. I had enjoyed watching and helping New Heights Research grow and seeing my business grow with them.