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Brillianta's 15-year anniversary

After a few congratulatory messages on LinkedIn this week, I realized that it’s been 15 years since I started Brillianta – a pretty impressive personal milestone and the longest job I’ve ever held. 

No surprises here. Brillianta is a reflection of what I enjoy the most – technology, strategy, research, and communications, helping clients to make better decisions and to achieve their goals. With voice-of-the-customer research, win/loss analysis, customer surveys and other custom research programs, we are helping to establish and monitor clients' KPIs. We also help with communications by developing customer case studies,brochures, and technical whitepapers, demonstrating end customer results. 

I have learned a great deal from my clients and have really enjoyed working with them. I hope to continue learning, and to have even more fun in the next 15 years. Thanks to my clients for your business and thanks to everyone for your congratulatory messages and likes

Three key ingredients for online logo design

Three key ingredients for online logo design

Three key ingredients of online logo design:

  1. Simple square image that ties into the logo that can be used on social media sites and as a favicon
  2. Easy-to-read font that works, when shrunk for the web site
  3. Get lots of feedback and trust your gut - don't settle for something you don't love. And if all else fails, throw away what you have and start over.