Technology makes your tires last longer

I'm working on a project for New Heights Research, interviewing tire dealers. And one of the tire dealers had an interesting perspective on how technology is causing a decline in replacement tire sales. It is a good example of how technology is transforming yet another industry...

  1. With increased Internet usage and telecommuting, people aren't driving as much to/from work.
  2. With increase in online shopping, people aren't driving as much to/from stores.
  3. With automatic tire pressure monitoring, available on newer cars, your tires are more likely to be properly inflated.
  4. With smart phones becoming a necessity vs. a discretionary purchase, people are spending more of their money on electronics and phone plans and less on their cars, postponing vehicle and tire maintenance and replacements.

Fewer miles driven and proper inflation causes less wear and tear on tires, making your tires last longer. And fewer visits for maintenance and repair, postpones tire replacements even more, because technicians aren't checking tire condition as often as they used to. So, technology makes your tires last longer.