Increase Your Sales

A Win Loss research program typically includes customer, influencer, competitor and employee interviews. You gain actionable insights about the market needs, the customer decision-making process, competitive strategies, and your sales effectiveness. Gathered information can be used to create executive dashboards, to improve effectiveness of your sales and marketing initiatives, and to create customer case studies and vanity metrics. We deliver a full report as well as recorded and transcribed interviews and aggregated analysis of both survey and interview responses.


Sales pipeline map

An optimal sales strategy is best supported by a fine-tuned sales pipeline map and data fields, implemented in your CRM. Sales people can collect much data during the sales cycle. How can the information they collect help your sales reps focus on the most important deals? Can this data help your entire organization identify and address critical success factors, including competitive moves, technology changes, shifting market place? We work with sales leadership and operations to identify the key data points necessary to track and move your sales opportunities to closing and to recurring business. This critical data can improve your sales effectiveness and feed your executive sales and business dashboards and reports.

Engage Your Product and Service Teams

We partner with you to create a program that delivers the information you need quickly and cost-effectively. This program can include surveys, interviews, and focus groups. In addition to the summary presentation of key statistics, deliverables can include internally- and externally-facing documents. A complete dataset of survey data, transcribed interviews, and data manipulations can be leveraged across your organization to help with sales, marketing, product development, and customer service/support.


improve your sales outcomes

Identify decision-makers and stages in your sales cycle to move the deal toward the close. Optimize the data you are requesting the sales team to enters into your CRM, improving the signal to noise ratio of your sales efforts. Collect common objections, so that you can develop effective ways to overcome them. Identify and document desirable use cases. Create cost-justification templates to streamline financial approvals. Compile a collection of reference accounts, so that they are ready when your sales team needs them. 


build solutions that customers value

Identify technology and partnership opportunities by monitoring shifts in customer demand, so that you can quickly deliver innovative solutions and form new alliances.


convince customers that your products best solve their needs

Help your marketing team fine-tune your messaging, sales presentations, and collateral to deliver the right message to the market and to demonstrate your company's thought leadership and momentum.


grow customer satisfaction and loyalty

Educate your customers about the value you are delivering to their organization. Demonstrate your strategic importance to their business and responsiveness to their needs.

Grow Your Product Marketing

Create a repository of past customer references for specific use cases. This repository comes in handy at the end of the quarter, when sales situations require references quickly. Success attracts success with happy customers advocating your products to other potential customers. Brillianta works with your marketing team to develop the content you need:

    • Customer success stories
    • Product brochures or data sheets
    • Solution or technical briefs
    • Buyer's guides and white papers

    Scale Your Marketing

    Identify your audience, create offers, and develop content that attracts customer interest and delivers leads. We partner with you to help with both online and offline marketing campaign strategy and execution. Whether it's click, type, talk, attend, or buy, we can help you experience success.


    Tatyana is highly intelligent, insightful, and resourceful. She quickly and comprehensively assesses the requirements and dynamics of a challenge, and is tenacious and thorough in pursuing her goals. I appreciate her ability to look at situations beyond face value, finding meaning and opportunities in what others might have overlooked.
    — Hugh Byrne, Director of Direct Response Marketing, Oracle Corporation